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To benefit both lenders and communities by increasing the marketability of a property while simultaneously fighting community blight and securing the asset long term.

We're committed to changing the face of vacant and abandoned properties.

At SecureView, we've created a revolutionary way to secure vacant and abandoned properties without exposing their vacancy to onlookers. Designed to look like traditional windows, our patented, recycled, alternative board-up system provides clear views and lets in natural light. This, in turn, enhances marketability and safety, and allows first responders to see inside in the event of an emergency. SecureView is also virtually unbreakable, which means it has the wherewithal to protect property from intrusion, and reduce the crime and squatting so often associated with plywood and steel board ups.

SecureView can be modified by the customer onsite to fit any window, and is quickly and easily installed using a simple but effective compression bolt system. Once in place, SecureView proves to be an effective solution to the issue of blight, increasing a property's value due to improved curb appeal, which in turn helps to stabilize the entire neighborhood.

Buffalo, NY Demonstration


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