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"SecureView has dramatically changed the way we market, sell and show our vacant properties. Once SecureView was installed, days on market was reduced dramatically and our brokers/clients felt far more secure during showings. I don't know why anyone would ever use plywood or steel again."

– Dan Hyman, President, Millennium Properties Real Estate, Inc.

"Representing the largest field services company in the U.S., I believe SecureView is the right product at the right time. This clear window covering has the appearance of a normal window, but strength superior to traditional plywood. Furthermore, unlike steel screen boarding, SecureView-protected homes blend right into the community. The difference with SecureView is that it helps make vacant properties less conspicuous and therefore less susceptible to crime and vandalism than the traditional boarding techniques. For the same reasons - because it increases safety and is unnoticeable - SecureView also protects property values and prohibits a vacant property from having an immediate, detrimental effect on a community. We believe SecureView offers the best solution for securing vacant properties and reducing blight in neighborhoods across the country."

– Alan Jaffa, Safeguard Properties

"As a property preservation company we normally can't improve a situation but we can ensure that it doesn't get any worse, by securing, preserving and maintaining vacant properties. In the case of installing the Secureview Product we actually see the immediate impact within the community. SecureView is a difference maker in the world of vacant properties."

– Mark Buford, VP Business Development, A&D Property Services

"We recently worked with SecureView team on a pilot program for the Detroit Land Bank Authority including the installation of the SecureView system on 70+ DLBA properties. Our team of experienced REO maintenance technicians quickly went from skeptics to advocates of the SecureView system. We found the system to be as impenetrable as any other vacant property securing system in the industry and you can hardly tell it is on the property. This is a product we will recommend to our clients in the future."

– Blake Johnson, Vice President & Chief Operating Officer, GTJ Consulting LLC

"St Clair Superior Development Corporation is working to rehab a pre-civil war house in the St Clair Superior neighborhood. The number one priority for the house before the restoration work started was for the house to be secure. SecureView windows have allowed us to secure the pre-civil war home and protect it from further vandalism. We ultimately could say that SecureView is helping us take the first step in historic preservation; we are protecting what is left of this historic house. Not to mention the windows make a dramatic difference on the house aesthetically. We are grateful for SecureView windows!"

– Andrea S. Bruno, MUPDD, MBA, Housing Coordinator, St. Clair Superior Development Corporation

"Because of SecureView's help in securing properties, we are able to keep homes safe and intact from the time they are acquired through rehabilitation."

– Mansfield Frazier, Executive Director, Neighborhood Solutions a 501 C (3) Corporation

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