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SecureView is changing the way that historic building organizations secure vacant properties. Most vacant historic structures remain vacant for years while funding and approvals are being secured. SecureView is the alternative to plywood. Our super-tough clear plastic system is far superior to plywood boarding, is reusable for multiple projects, and can accelerate the ‘dry-in’ process in stabilization to allow your funders to take a realistic look at rehab.

In addition, vacant historic buildings are magnets for gangs, squatters, drug dealers and others. With SecureView, you avoid break ins, fires, injuries, and re-boarding. For example, Detroit recently spent $1 million on plywood boarding historic schools and 20 out of 21 needed to be re-boarded.

We want to support your mission of preserving the historic fabric of your buildings and your community. It starts with stabilizing these priceless structures, and SecureView can help.

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