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City of Detroit to Use SecureView to Protect Vacant Firehouses

City of Detroit to Use SecureView to Protect Vacant Firehouses GTJ Consulting will utilize SecureView to protect 7 Vacant Fire Stations


May 13, 2013


Howard Wedren

President & Founder


855-SCRVIEW (727-8439)


The City of Detroit has awarded GTJ Consulting, LLC ("GTJ") with a contract to secure 7 vacant firehouses as the City prepares to sell the properties. GTJ has utilized SecureView on all 7 firehouses in an effort to maintain the value of the properties, avoid blighting the affected neighborhood and ultimately make the locations as safe as possible until they are sold and repurposed. The City’s attempt to sell these properties is part of a larger effort to bring relief from the financial distress Detroit currently faces.

In late April it was reported that many of the vacant firehouses were broken into and thieves removed radiators, sinks and personal equipment left behind.

GTJ has extensive experience handling these challenges in Detroit. GTJ has been proving preservation and maintenance ("P & M") services in Detroit since 2001 and most recently was the primary P & M contractor for the Detroit Land Bank Authority since 2010. “Using SecureView to protect these properties was an obvious choice,” said GTJ Vice President and Chief Operating Officer Blake Johnson. “SecureView is revolutionary product for securing properties. This system will assist in preserving the value of these Firehouses so the City can sell them and more importantly keep them safe and prevent any further theft.”

“By installing SecureView on these vacant fire stations, The City of Detroit is protecting and preserving the value of these assets while avoiding the stigma so often associated with plywood and steel board-ups,” said SecureView President and Founder Howard Wedren.

SecureView replaced the traditional plywood board-up system currently installed on the vacant firehouses to eliminate any opportunities for break-ins and maintain the value of the properties. The City of Detroit is accepting bids from potential buyers until May 24th.

About SecureView

SecureView is a revolutionary way to secure vacant and abandoned properties without exposing their vacancy to onlookers while also preserving home values and increasing neighborhood safety. SecureView is an alternative board-up system that is designed to look like traditional windows providing clear views and lets in natural light. By utilizing SecureView rather than traditional methods for securing homes both marketability and safety are enhanced. SecureView is the only product that allows first responders to see inside a vacant property in the event of an emergency.

Made from 100% recycled materials, it is virtually unbreakable, which means it has the wherewithal to protect property from intrusion, and reduce the crime and squatting so often associated with plywood and steel board ups. SecureView can be modified to fit any window, and is quickly and easily installed using a simple but effective compression bolt system. Once in place, SecureView proves to be an effective solution to the issue of blight, increasing a property's value due to improved curb appeal, which in turn helps to stabilize the entire neighborhood.

To learn more about SecureView visit: www.secureviewusa.com.

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