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City of Detroit Uses SecureView to Protect Police Headquarters

City of Detroit Uses SecureView to Protect Police Headquarters

Officials take preventative actions to ensure safety.


February 27, 2014

The city of Detroit police headquarters are now protected by SecureView. Late last week the product was installed on all of the building’s first and second floor windows and doors. City officials took a proactive measure to keep the property safe and prevent any damage to the vacant headquarters.

“I applaud the City of Detroit for being proactive by making the decision to use SecureView on the police headquarters, as well as several properties around the city,” said Robert Klein, SecureView Co-Founder and Chairman. “We are proud to be part of the recovery process for Detroit and we look forward to our continued involvement.”

This comes months after SecureView was utilized by the City of Detroit on seven vacant fire stations that were previously targets for vandals and theirs. The Detroit Land Bank Authority has also installed SecureView on more than 100 vacant properties in the area.

GTJ Consulting, LLC, a Detroit based property preservation company preformed the installation, totaling more than 200 windows.

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