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Helping in the Wake of Disaster

Helping in the Wake of Disaster

As we watch the aftermath of another hurricane striking our shores, we look at the toll it takes. 70% of impacted properties are without flood insurance. More than 400,000 residential homes were damaged by the storm. Some areas had 12+ feet of water throughout their homes.

We are left to ask: what’s next? How can we put things back the way they were?

The truth of the matter is, there is no going back. There is only going forward in recovery. At SecureView, have aligned ourselves with the American Red Cross, FEMA, and several law enforcement and related recovery agencies throughout Texas and Louisiana to offer help. After contributing to the Red Cross, we have begun to identify how our product might be able to be deployed in effected areas.

Our transparent polycarbonate system allows natural light to penetrate buildings, assisting in the dry-in process. More importantly, it significantly reduces the spread of mold and fungus that are likely to grow in darkened buildings post-flooding. From a security standpoint, SecureView has advantages to repel the rash of looting that follows every disaster, and with more than 40 arrests already in a still-waterlogged Houston metro area, there is sure to be a greater need.

These benefits, however, are somewhat superficial when compared to the benefits of the folks on the ground organizing for recovery. We have seen what the human spirit can do in times of crisis following Sandy, Katrina, and now Harvey. Our involvement with one company or another following a natural disaster spans all the way back to Hurricane Andrew. We take inspiration from those who have risked much to do the right thing, and we hope that our industry – really, our community – continues to pull together in order to support the recovery effort.

Even now, as the Atlantic coast braces for Hurricane Irma, we hope that our product and prayers will reinforce the people whose lives are most certainly going to be impacted by these weather events. We remain resolute in our commitment to assist in the wake of these storms, and wish our best regards to the first responders and recovery teams. We hope that SecureView is found to be useful as the first small steps towards regaining control of the Gulf Coast, and putting the pieces back together.

Here are several items of note that our colleagues in the mortgage and property preservation industry are joining us in tackling as it relates to disaster preparation and recovery:

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