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SecureView Press Releases

Hurricane Response with SecureView

SecureView Protects Assets; Stops Looting

During the challenges that lay in wait for the Gulf Coast and Caribbean, the aftermath of Hurricanes Harvey and Irma call to mind the destruction of events like Katrina, Sandy, and Andrew.

SecureView can help storm damaged areas.

  • Shield buildings pre-storm. Storms and debris do not impact the polycarbonate SecureView system. The bracing bars and polycarbonate sheet can withstand hurricane-force winds.
  • Assist First Responders. Emergency personnel waste precious time in assessing interior flooding and damage by taking off plywood barricades. SecureView is transparent and speeds efficiency of storm damage analysis.
  • Secure assets post-storm. Plywood fails as security, and dangerous, damaged properties pose a health risk for response workers and inhabitants alike.
  • Protect structures from looting. Polycarbonate panels protect openings from intruders. Plywood fails immediately where the SecureView system succeeds.
  • Aid with "dry-in". In the aftermath of flooding, SecureView allows sunlight to assist in the dry-in process, simultaneously eliminating mold growth.

SecureView has contributed to the American Red Cross, and has initiated the process of supplying SecureView systems to the effected area. We encourage all of our partners, customers, and communities to assist where they can, and take action in protecting the assets that neighborhoods in Texas, Florida, Louisiana, and Georgia will be recovering for some time.

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