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SecureView Press Releases

MFS Supply Announces Limited Acquisition of SecureView, LLC

Cleveland, Ohio - MFS Supply announced today that it will acquire several assets held by SecureView, LLC, the nation’s leading supplier of Clearboarding products and services. MFS Supply, a national distributer of property preservation and renovation materials, will be adding SecureView’s brand and product line to their extensive offering of products and services. Financial terms of the limited asset acquisition were not disclosed. The limited asset acquisition is expected to close by the end of August, 2018.

SecureView is a provider of Clearboarding materials, including a patented polycarbonate-based system to secure vacant and occupied properties. The sales and distribution network of SecureView has supported numerous private companies and municipalities to effectively secure properties that would otherwise become blighting influences on communities.

“We are excited to bring SecureView closer to our customer base,” said Brandon Guzman, president of MFS Supply. “We have sold SecureView’s Clearboarding solution to our customers for a long time, and this purchase enables us to supply this product more efficiently to our customers, as well as build upon our brand promise of creating a one-stop-shop experience.”

Many customers and partners of SecureView will also benefit from this acquisition, including municipalities and public works officials who are already customers of both SecureView and MFS Supply. SecureView was recently recognized by BUILDINGS Magazine as the winner of the 2018 “Top Money Saving Product” in the Building Envelope category. SecureView was selected for protecting facility assets and eliminating the need to re-board buildings secured with plywood, as well as providing benefit of storm shielding to facilities located in hurricane-prone areas. For more information, please contact MFS Supply by visiting www.mfssupply.com.

About MFS

MFS Supply is a national distributor of cabinetry, appliances, HVAC, accessories, and property preservation materials headquartered in Solon, Ohio, servicing the multi-family and real estate-owned industries. Established in 2007, MFS Supply is one of the fastest growing companies in Northeast Ohio. Seven-time awardee of Weatherhead 100 Northeast Ohio’s Fastest Growing Companies, three-time awardee of Inc. 500’s Fastest Growing Companies, and recipient of multiple recognitions and awards for excellent workplace culture.

About SecureView

SecureView is the leading security home and building board-up system. Designed to look like traditional windows, SecureView deters intruders while letting in natural light. Made from recycled materials, SecureView is virtually unbreakable, protects property from intrusion, and reduces the crime and squatting so often associated with plywood and steel board-ups. SecureView benefits homeowners, mortgage lenders, and communities by increasing the marketability of a property while simultaneously fighting community blight.

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