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PA Senate Passes HB653, Fast-Tracking the Foreclosure Process Statewide

HARRISBURG, PA – In resounding fashion, the Pennsylvania Senate today passed HB653, known as the “Expedited Foreclosure” bill. Rep. Kurt Masser (R-PA-107th) encouraged his colleagues to pass this bill to stimulate the economy throughout the Commonwealth, as well as take a meaningful step to ending blight.

“This is an anti-blight, community economic development bill,” said Rep. Masser in a sponsorship memorandum to his fellow representatives. HB653 was introduced in the bicameral, bipartisan Blight Task Force in previous legislative sessions, and the bill has been shaped with the input and support of the banking community and housing advocates. The bill was also testified to by members of the PA House Urban Affairs Committee and the Senate Urban Affairs and Housing Committee.

The Pennsylvania House of Representatives voted on HB653 on May 9, 2018, where the measure passed unanimously 195-0. Today, the bill passed the Senate floor in a 47-2 vote, led by Sen. David Argall, (R-PA-29th) and Sen. John Blake (D-PA-22nd), whose leadership and information from the Blight Task Force was relied upon heavily for the bill’s analysis.

In 2017, SecureView and Community Blight Solutions’ late founder, Robert Klein, testified at a roundtable focusing on the more than 400 vacant and abandoned properties in Harrisburg featuring Sen. John DiSanto (R-PA-15th) and Sen. Tom McGarrigle (R-PA-26th). After discussion of the fast-tracking foreclosure and the use of polycarbonate to secure properties, Sen. DiSanto said, “blighted and abandoned properties destroy overall property value, and pose serious health and safety value to local residents.” At the roundtable, Klein remarked, “A long foreclosure process and plywood boards are killing neighborhoods. There are a lot of different solutions to replace plywood, and we need to talk about all of them, and we need to expedite foreclosure processes.”

SecureView demonstrated in August of 2017 the nearly indestructible clearboarding material, as well as discussed the financial benefit to communities created by clearboarding and expedited foreclosure. The demonstration in Middletown, PA was attended by the Pennsylvania Housing Finance Agency, Senators Argall and DiSanto, as well as a host of other local and state officials. “PHFA is happy to be a part of this demonstration,” said PHFA’s Executive Director and CEO Brian A. Hudson. “The use of polycarbonate boarding is consistent with our mission of helping to preserve communities by preventing blight.”

The passage of HB653 has been applauded by the leadership of SecureView and Community Blight Solutions as another step towards abating blighting influences by expediting the foreclosure and turnaround of properties in distress.

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About SecureView

SecureView is the leading security home and building board-up system. Designed to look like traditional windows, SecureView deters intruders while letting in natural light. Made from recycled materials, SecureView is virtually unbreakable, protects property from intrusion, and reduces the crime and squatting so often associated with plywood and steel board-ups. SecureView benefits homeowners, mortgage lenders, and communities by increasing the marketability of a property while simultaneously fighting community blight. To learn more about SecureView visit: www.secureviewusa.com or call 855-SCRVIEW.

About Robert Klein

Robert Klein was a successful entrepreneur who earned a reputation as a pioneer and innovator in the property preservation industry. For 25 years, Klein advocated for eliminating blight in communities across the country. Klein was the Founder and Chairman of Safeguard Properties, Community Blight Solutions and SecureView, all based in Cleveland.

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