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SecureView Press Releases

SecureView Price Reduction

Price Cut. New Sizes. Unbundling. Free Shipping.

SecureView works hard for contractors. Our best-in-class polycarbonate, approved by Fannie Mae, is here in lower prices, more sizes, and better options for your contractors.

We are keeping costs low. Secureview is proud to introduce a new pricing structure for 4' x 8' sheets, 5' x 8' sheets, and 6' x 8' sheets of polycarbonate. We feel it is critical to keep supplying our contractors at reasonable costs.
  • NEW PRODUCT 4' x 4' polycarbonate sheet: $59
  • 4' x 8' polycarbonate sheet: $99 each
  • 5' x 8' polycarbonate sheet: $125 each
  • 6' x 8' polycarbonate sheet: $152 each
  • Bracing Bar now sold separately: $9 each


People look to us for the best service and distribution of SecureView possible. Anyone who works with us knows that we are the industry leader of clearboarding, and that means making polycarbonate available all over the country. In order to better serve our contractors, we will be offering free shipping for orders of $1,500 or more. With SecureView's nationwide distribution network, running out of supplies is no longer a problem.

You spoke, we listened. More than ever contractors need to board irregular openings and smaller sizes. With that in mind, we are proud to announce that SecureView is the only major distributor of polycarbonate now offering 4'x4' sheets, for your convenience. Contractors no longer need to lose efficiency with half-sheet cuts.

Our Bracing Bar has withstood test after test of side-by-side comparisons, including by Fannie Mae. It's a fantastic product, but contractors don't always need it. Effective immediately, we are unbundling our Bracing Bar to give you the freedom to only take what you need. No more extra bars at the end of a job.


SecureView is making these changes to our company to better assist contractors and communitiesto address and eliminate community blight.

We stand by our product, and stamp it with the SecureView watermark. It stands for putting the community, including the contractor, first.


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