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Case Studies

Proven to Eliminate Squatting and Vandalism

Initial product discussions with one of the nation's largest mortgage lenders, led the bank to approach SecureView for help in securing one of their most problematic residential properties. The home-located in an area of Chicago unfortunately known for crime-was boarded with plywood and served as an easy target for squatting, drugs and other illegal activity. The community and local public officials grew intolerable to the problems caused by the vacant boarded structure and lodged several complaints against the nuisance property.

To alleviate resident concerns and support neighborhood safety, the lender removed the plywood boards and installed SecureView. Not only did the aesthetic of the property immediately change, but the home was no longer vulnerable to crime.

Since SecureView was installed in 2012, the property has remained secure and has not been the subject of any complaints. As for the lender, they have elected to install SecureView on all of their REO properties nationwide.

Secures Properties under Renovation

The Housing Authority of the County of Cook (HACC) is the second largest public housing authority in Illinois. Established in 1946, HACC serves 108 communities in and around Chicago, as well as unincorporated areas in suburban Cook County. Their conventional public housing program consists of over 2,100 owned units of low-income housing and their rental program serves 13,000 families.

With a large inventory of aging housing, HACC is faced with maintaining properties and preforming frequent renovations. This process of sustaining and rehabilitating can be challenging when unsecure units are left vulnerable to break-ins and plywood causes the perpetuation of area blight. To eliminate this concern, HACC utilizes SecureView to throughout renovation. SecureView not only keeps units safe and protects their housing stock, but supports community stabilization. SecureView remains a trusted vendor of the HACC.

SecureView Protects Motor City

Perhaps no other city in America has been rocked by hardship like the City of Detroit. With revitalization efforts in full force, SecureView is on the front lines.

The City of Detroit has several public assets and residential structures that stand vacant due to the economic difficulty the region continues to struggle with. Among these assets is the former Detroit Police Headquarters and firehouses that have been decommissioned due to limited municipal budgets causing hazardous building conditions. With an established foot print in Detroit, SecureView has been installed on over 100 Detroit land bank properties, multiple vacant fire houses and the former City Police Headquarters.

In late April 2013 it was reported that several of Detroit's vacant firehouses had become targets for crime. Thieves removed radiators, sinks and personal equipment remaining in the firehouses. These historic buildings - some that date to the city's boom in the 1920s - were structurally sound, but had been vandalized and, in many cases, stripped of hardware, metals and other materials. To eliminate concerns of vandalism and prevent any further destruction to the historic properties, the city installed SecureView in May of 2013. Since installation, none of the vacant firehouses have been harmed.

The city faced similar problems with its vacant police headquarters. After facing some public scrutiny regarding safety concerns, the property was closed due to building conditions, making the vacant building a target for crime, squatters and vandalism. To protect the public asset the City of Detroit elected to use SecureView on all of the building's first and second floor windows and doors-totaling more than 200 openings. City officials took a proactive measure to keep the property safe and prevent any damage to the vacant headquarters. The city did so to ensure that the site did not pose any potential threat to the local community or invite crime. Using SecureView allowed the City to safely secure the police headquarters and supports ongoing efforts to eliminate blight.

As the city attempts to deal with decommissioned public assets, the Detroit Land Bank Authority is tasked with keeping up with a rising residential property inventory. With a large inventory it is costly, inefficient and unsafe for the Detroit Land Bank Authority to board every property with plywood. To ease these concerns, the land bank decided to use SecureView on over 100 strategically selected structures. This decision enabled the land bank to save on multiple re-boarding costs and increased the local safety where the properties were located.

Preserving Neighborhoods


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