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Nothing secures, lasts longer or does more to stabilize property values than SecureView ClearBoarding.

SecureView ClearBoarding is a patented state-of-the-art technology that secures unoccupied properties without exposing vacancy. Designed to look like traditional windows, SecureView ClearBoarding helps to maintain property values and support neighborhood stabilization. The virtually unbreakable system protects properties from intrusion to increase safety and prevent squatting associated with vacancy.

SecureView ClearBoarding is an industrial grade sheet material extruded from recycled polycarbonate resins. Each sheet is 200 times stronger than glass. SecureView can easily be modified onsite to fit any window or opening.

SecureView ClearBoarding Window System
Each eight-foot SecureView ClearBoarding sheet comes in either 48", 60", or 72" widths for maximum efficiency and ease of use. Window systems are installed utilizing interior clamping beams that are composed of high density polyethylene. The beams are 1 inch in thickness and secured using corrosion resistant carriage bolts and/or security head screws. Utilizing this installation process will not damage the interior or exterior of a property.

SecureView Security Door
The SecureView security door is designed for properties with an existing door already in place. The product is installed using seven gage stainless steel hasps and secured with security locks to allow entry access after the property is secured. Like the SecureView ClearBoarding window system, door installation is as quick and easy as traditional plywood but requires no replacement and is virtually unbreakable.

It's time for your community to become a NoPlyZone.

Just look at how SecureView ClearBoarding stacks up against plywood and steel.

  SecureView ClearBoarding Plywood Steel
Fights community blight Yes - -
Discourages crime & graffiti Yes - -
Maintains property values Yes - -
Able to see into and out of property Yes - -
One-time installation Yes - -
Easy to install; no training required Yes Yes -
Withstands inclement weather Yes - Yes
Made from recycled materials Yes - -
Looks like a real window Yes - -

Product Facts:

  • SecureView ClearBoarding window and door systems are weather resistant and will not decay due to conditions, eliminating the need for costly reboarding.
  • SecureView ClearBoarding secures properties internally using a compression bolt system that will not damage the interior of exterior of a property.
  • Every sheet of SecureView ClearBoarding and compression bolt system is made using recycled materials.
  • SecureView ClearBoarding can easily be modified onsite to fit any window or opening.


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